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We Care About Affordable Medication

Most of our customers never get to know us. Every day, people go to their local pharmacy to fill prescriptions. Often, they receive generic medications.

When customers take generic medications, they are placing their trust in us. They trust that the generic medicine will do exactly what it needs to do, at a price that makes it more affordable. In this way, generic prescription medicines make a difference in people’s lives.

It’s our job to fulfill that trust, and we take it seriously. With every decision we make, and every action we take, our people work to provide better care for our customers. We have continuously met the highest quality standards since our founding over 75 years ago.

Our customers can trust us to provide them with affordable, quality pharmaceuticals. They may never know they are using Lannett products. But they know our products work—and that’s what we care about.

Quality for Our Customers

Generic pharmaceuticals are often chosen for affordability. We put patients first and earn our customers’ trust by focusing on quality. Our generic pharmaceutical products have consistently met the highest standards, and our track record for safety and quality is nearly unmatched

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Pioneering Solutions

We continuously improve the science and delivery of our generic medications. As a result, we provide the market with affordable options for pharmaceutical products that improve patients’ quality of life. Our focus on quality has led us to produce affordable, life-saving medications. We’ve also made meaningful strides in producing pharmaceutical products for chronic conditions and pain management.

Building Strong Partnerships

Through our long record of reliability, we have fostered partnerships with API (active product ingredient) suppliers as well as other developers and distributors. We prove our commitment to quality with a strict compliance with FDA regulations. Because of this, our partners know that we’ll deliver quality generic pharmaceuticals on time and in full. Learn more about partnering with Lannett.

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A History of Commitment to Community

For over 75 years, Lannett has been headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. We’ve also expanded, and we now have facilities located all over the United States. We are proud to build strong connections to our local communities, creating opportunities and becoming involved in local outreach.

Caring and commitment: that’s our approach. We’re dedicated to our customers, our partners, and our high affordable medications. For all those across healthcare who work to improve quality of life for patients, Lannett is a company that cares.

Redefining what it means to be a generic pharmaceuticals manufacturer

The pharmaceutical marketspace is constantly evolving. Lannett Company, Inc. has made it imperative to stay ahead of the curve regarding R&D, CMO opportunities, proactive cost reductions, and supply reliability. Prioritizing these aspects of our business helps ensure that we stand out as one of the premier generic pharmaceutical supplying partners in the industry.

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