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Environment, Social & Governance

Lannett’s Stance on ES&G

For more than 75 years, Lannett has strived for a distinguished track record for operating with integrity and to holding ourselves accountable to the high expectations of our employees, customers, patients, shareholders and other stakeholders. We take this responsibility seriously and are proud of our role in delivering affordable and quality medicines that are vital to human health. We focus our sustainability efforts on addressing environmental, social and governance (ES&G) issues, including implementing strong environmental stewardship, putting people at the center of what we do, and achieving results in a fair and compliant manner. These commitments reflect our culture of operational excellence, high ethical standards, strict procedural discipline, and transparent communications.

Environmental, Social and Governance efforts are core to our strategy, and all contribute to the sustainability of our business and the world we touch.  As we grow and evolve, so does our ES&G strategy as we strive to exceed ES&G requirements and investor expectations.

Environmental, Social, Governance - Pyramid


We are lowering our use of resources and carbon intensity. For example, over the last two years we have reduced water usage, energy usage, and emissions at our largest plant by 10.6%, 10.0% and 16.3% respectively.


Over the past few years, Lannett and its employees have raised or donated hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash and products to a variety of worthy organizations including but not limited to the United Way, Philabundance, and the Salvation Army.


Our Corporate Compliance Program includes a code of behavior and a set of principles that apply to our Board, corporate officers, all employees and third-party vendors. It provides for dozens of standards and enforcement systems that ensure compliant and ethical business practices.