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We have a well-established Corporate Compliance Program in place that defines appropriate behaviors and business practices that are codified in standard operating procedures and monitored via a variety of programs to include audits and the compliance hotline.

At the Core

Our strategy is to develop, manufacture and sell affordable generic medicines, capitalizing on our USA based R&D to access technology and USA based manufacturing to ensure high quality and reliable supply to our USA customers and patients. We also leverage our team’s global expertise to selectively in-license additional high quality, affordable medicines from international sources that are not broadly or domestically available.

Risk Management

Our Enterprise Risk Management Process is a fluid plan that identifies, assesses, and mitigates actual and potential external risks that can affect Lannett’s ability to achieve its strategic objectives. The risks and mitigation plans are updated by the Senior Leadership Team on an ongoing basis with a particular focus on the high-risk areas. The enterprise risks and mitigation plans are approved annually by the Board of Directors.


Our Governance Approach

Lannett employs a host of controls, systems, and programs to ensure compliance with internal and external regulatory requirements, and the spirit of a sound and robust ES&G program. We focus our efforts on four main areas:

Product Diversion Controls & Compliance

Government Engagement

Clinical Controls

Purchasing Controls