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Lannett’s Position on Environment

Lannett is committed to a sustainable future, one that is centered on a reduced environmental footprint, effective use of natural resources & a comprehensive approach to managing carbon intensity that strengthens our quality-oriented focus of providing affordable pharmaceuticals to patients who depend on them.

Waste Management & Material Recycle

Lannett continuously strives to reduce the amount of natural resources consumed and minimize the amount of pharmaceutical-related waste generated and disposed of through source reduction projects, along with robust material reuse & recycling programs.

Responsible Water Use

Committed to being an environmental steward & reliable partner with our local communities, Lannett conducts responsible water use by protecting this critical natural resource through risk-based water management systems, strict processes, and environmental standards.

Efficient Use of Energy

Understanding the delicate balance of meeting the energy needs of the present without compromising future generations’ ability to do likewise, Lannett focuses on executing conservation projects & installing equipment that increases our energy efficiency in a sustainable manner.

Minimizing Negative Climate Impact

Lannett is dedicated to reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions per unit of production, lowering our carbon intensity through improving operational efficiencies, installation of new technologies & increasing employee awareness of best management practices.

Sustainability Performance

Lannett strictly monitors its sustainability efforts to continually support patients while achieving our goal to be an environmentally friendly manufacturer. A corporate sustainability summary is published every fiscal year and every quarter to ensure our commitment.


Lannett is dedicated to making a difference in the manufacturing processes. Here are how we are taking actions in our facilities to reduce our environmental footprint:

Seymour, IN:

Chiller Staging Controls – Controls will be implemented to stage the restart of chillers after restarts and/or power failures. Instead of coming on-line simultaneously units will restart based on load demand to decrease energy usage and costs.

Paper Recycling & Document Destruction – The facility has partnered with a local vendor to shred documents for material reuse instead of incineration. The facility plans to divert approximately 15 tons of material from incineration to material reuse in FY2021.

Carmel, NY:

Interior Lighting Replacement – Interior light fixtures will be replaced with LEDs. Projected annual energy savings is approximately 2% of current facility usage

Chilled Water Process Improvements – A closed-loop chilled water system will be installed to cool batch process tanks in lieu of single-pass domestic water cooling to decrease freshwater used and energy needed to maintain system temperatures.