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Government Engagement

Lannett participates in limited Government lobbying and engages in efforts to ensure reliable, unobstructed, patient access to affordable, quality, generic medicines.

  • Made in America: Lannett supports many of the recent “Made in America” government initiatives for critical healthcare products.  The COVID19 crisis has highlighted critical weaknesses in the US drug product supply chain.  Many of these weaknesses can be minimized or eliminated by implementing programs that encourage the production of healthcare products in the USA and incentives for customers and the government to award contracts to US manufacturers.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes and treatment costs are a major healthcare concern in the USA.  Lannett has held meetings with various constituents, CMS and payer groups and presented to the US government Diabetes Caucus to discuss Insulin affordability and how to help reduce the costs of Insulin while allowing biosimilar products to be substituted at the pharmacy (currently, biosimilars are not automatically “interchangeable”).
  • Government regulations: Lannett routinely provides input to the FDA and other government agencies on proposed and existing regulations.  Lannett recently spoke with constituents regarding having a seat at the negotiations table for GDUFA reauthorization and presented thoughts on potential changes to include potential tax rebates or other potential financial incentives for domestic manufacturing