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Product Diversion Controls and Compliance

  • Lannett adheres to the rules and regulations associated with 21CFR Part 1300. We provide our regulatory reports to the DEA in an accurate and timely manner. For safety and security purposes, we restrict access to the controlled substances only to a limited number of authorized personnel who handle the substances daily.  A strict series of controls are in place to ensure heightened accountability and security from procurement through commercialization.
  • Lannett is committed to actively participating in a consumer Drug Take Back programs. This includes helping to shape the legislative landscape and stewardship of drug take back programs across the country. We work with and employ industry leaders and firms to execute the program in a reasonable and cost-effective manner.  The goal of drug take-back programs is to remove unnecessary and expired drug products from households and prevent misuse and/or abuse and ensure appropriate disposal methods.
  • We continuously monitor (DEA) controlled drug product orders based on size, pattern and frequency as part of our Suspicious Order Monitoring program. A dedicated team investigates anything deemed suspicious utilizing a bespoke algorithm. This provides for heightened transparency into customer relationships and reduces drug diversion.